Ah… I wish I knew this before.

As you grow-up in life and profession, complexities grow too. You will often wish you were better prepared. You will falter, but you will learn. What if you could do it faster?

Keep watering yourself. You are growing!

E. Russel

Deal Effectively with Criticism

We need to deal effectively with criticism. I share some learnings on this topic. How to differentiate between good and bad criticism, how emotional intelligence can help, and how great listening and body language provide an edge.

Let Diversity work for you!

My first and thankfully only brush with a hate crime. How limbic system affects our thinking with regards to diversity. 3 Surprising reasons why we need to fight for diversity to make ourselves better.

Let your habits propel your success!

We are all creatures of Habit. How subtle changes to our life can help us win the game with our own biases. A crisp summary of New York Times bestseller Author James Clear’s sensation, Atomic Habits.

Radically Improve your Mental Health and Wellbeing

How being vulnerable is a superpower. Promising ways we can look after our mental health. Why we need to shed the stigma associated with mental health, now more than ever!

A Happier Wi-Fi means Happier You!

Your home Wi-Fi spoiling your WFH vibes? Tried, Tested and Practical tips to improve indoor coverage, reduce Interference from devices and other Wi-Fi networks and improve stability.

Learn How to Build Social Capital

Whatever the challenge, know that we are in this together. Stress on purpose, because it is greater than productivity. Lean on our shared values, trust and reciprocity, as they can go a long way

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