Strategic Discomfort šŸŒµ

This week was a break from routine. As you know, I migrated my newsletter to Substack. Substack saves me the effort on formatting and compiling. In other great news, Mindfulness Index is now available on Google News. I have also removed subscription pop-ups from my website and tweaked the homepage. If you have thoughts about how I should […]

The Boat Made it šŸš¢

I am incredibly excited to send the latest version of my newsletter from Substack. Thanks for your continued readership as I look to bring even more value to you by focusing on content. Perspective creates Truth Stoic Philosopher Marcus Aurelius said, Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. The ability to see this […]

The Uberisation Curse

On-demand services despite their convenience are also making us miserable. From transportation to learning. They have massive upside too. How do we balance?

Nobody grew without addressing these artificial constraints

Artificial constraints are irrational conditions that we put on ourselves. It’s amusing. They start really early. “Daddy…! I was really good this year and look… Santa got me two monster trucks! Santa also ate cookies!!”. My 4 year old cheered with joy. Just so you know, I did not condition him to believe that “being […]


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Hi, Iā€™m Abhi. After living many years in London, me and my family re-located back to India in the summer of 2017. I spend most of my time working with a high performing team at Barclays in Pune, India and the rest with my son Anik! I have spent half of my career in commercial product roles and half in technology. I have also spent over 9 years living outside India, and have traveled to over 27 countries. Visit the Bio section of this website to learn more about me.

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