Mindfulness Digest Vol 12: Tenacity & Consistency

How people approve consistency over facts. What can we learn from the president elect Joe Biden and his journey. Have you considered becoming a curator?

An inspiration called Joe Biden!

Biden – 5th youngest senator in 1972! A month later, lost wife and young daughter in an accident! 2 sons badly injured. Considered suicide. Commuted 4 hours every evening to be with his sons. 2 Brain Surgeries. 2 unproductive presidential campaigns, 2 stints as VP. 2020, age 77, oldest presidential nominee for Democrats, and now president-elect. Highest ever votes for a presidential candidate…and the toughest job in the world hasn’t even started!

Joe Biden with Barack Obama

Lesson? it’s never too late! what an inspiration.

A Mindfulness learning –   Consistency

This week I read an incredible book on behavioural psychology called “Persuation” by Robert Cialdini. Cialdini suggests that an individual whose words, beliefs and actions don’t match, is seen as two faced or mentally incoherent. On the other hand, an individual who is consistent in his actions, beliefs and words is associated as intellectually and generally strong. The fascinating thing is, it doesn’t matter who is right. Therein lies the biggest danger. Two examples.

  1. Political propaganda: We are continuously bombarded with shaped narratives. Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth! Even in the face of mounting evidence of misgivings, blatant issues, we choose to believe something on the side of consistency.
  2. Promises at work: We often think out aloud at work. It is easy to fall into the trap and commit to something only to realise later that it is not easy to follow-through! Don’t commit easily, but when you do, don’t back down. If you do, you risk a reputation as two-faced.

Agile commitments do not work.

Curators are awesome

There is too much content. Much like freshly cut vegetables, the curated content makes life easy. People want to learn things in a bite sized manner. For instance, it’s hard to search for the right educational content on YouTube. Curators provide personal brands that we can connect with much like a newspaper!

Choice fatigue is underrated Photo by Clay Banks

Two key takeaways. First, if you are an expert in an area, curation is a great way to to build an audience and a personal brand and probably make extra cash if you are successful in the end.

Second, most work we do in a corporate is interconnected, complex, and often laden with a learning curve. A great opportunity to create value & advance your career. Curate.

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